Month Initial Average Discharge Average
Oct - Dec 68.94 32.53
Month Initial Average Discharge Average
Jan - Mar 68.86 35.15
Apr - June
July - Sept
Oct - Dec

The DASH outcome measure is a 30 – item, self-report questionnaire designed to assess the patient’s health status during the previous week. The items enquire about the degree of difficulty in performing different physical activities because of arm, shoulder and hand problems (21 items), the severity of each of the symptoms of pain, activity – related pain, tingling, weakness and stiffness (five items) and the impact of the problem on social function, work, sleep and self – image (four items). Each item has a five response options. The scores are then used to calculate a scale score ranging from 0 (no disability) to 100 (most severe). A 10 – point difference in DASH score may be considered as minimal important change in functioning.

Patient Resources:
The Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) Score Calculator

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